Happiness is a sweet perfume that we cannot sprinkle on others without splashing few drops on ourselves.



"Happiness Seekers" are in search of happy people to give them the word.

You are happier than average person and you would like to pass on your recipe for happiness?

Make yourself known. Have the privilege to be selected among the happiest people and perhaps play a part in our full-length film.

Send us one of the following:

  • A Video – Reveal your recipe of happiness by filming yourself with a simple web cam or with more sophisticated equipment. Then upload your clip to Youtube. When you will have placed it, send us the Youtube link. The submission of your video could be, a song, a story, a rap, a dance, a poem or anything else that crosses your mind - be creative!
  • Compose a song that might become the theme-song of the film. – Compose the text or the music of a song and send it to us. You might be the one who will influence humanity.
  • A text, a poem or a story where you share your recipe for happiness.

If you wish to be part of our great adventure by helping us financially. You can make it by:

Your company offers services or products that facilitate the awakening of happiness.

  • Placing publicity on our site
  • Sponsoring us
  • Make a donation.

Go directly to the contact page.

Finally, for now, be happy, smile and give love even to your enemies. Together, lets build this wave of Happiness for Peace.



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