Although man is great because he thinks; he is only truly strong when he acts.



We firmly believe that human beings aspire to a better life and that we all have a common goal... To be happy.

We want:

  • Happy people to become our models, our stars and the heroes of a new society which values happiness.
  • To overthrow the culture of fear in favor of a culture of happiness.
  • To restore hope in humanity.
  • To fight violence by teaching happiness.
  • To give humanity a film and a book of international happiness recipes.


There is no secret! We can only attain true happiness through personal change, and through actions directed towards a greater purpose. In this way, we will be able to reach true happiness.

Through countless years of violence, indifference, negativity and fear, our civilization has sunken into a world of pain and is dying. The race to the accumulation of wealth is robbing us happiness. Life has lost it's true purpose. The majority of the world population lives in the hope of being happy.

This irrational plan, based on productivity and materialism at the expense of well-being, has lead us into abandoning our true reason for being. It has falsely traded a life of true happiness for a false sense of safety and freedom. We surrender our true purpose for fantasies.

Studies show that the level of wealth in the U.S. and in England have tripled since the Second World War, but the level of happiness has decreased. We are all responsible for this has we have allowed it to happen without doing anything about it.

How can we change things? Where to begin? What are our choices?

Around us, there are people who live are truly happy. How do they find the energy to see the world positively while people suffer around them? How do they view the world? How do they see the future? What do they have to teach us?

We have the capacity to act so that our lives are continuously turned towards pleasure and achievement for all of us.

Are you ready to act and take the necessary steps in order to reach happiness?

We are four creators who have decided to act for the well being of our humanity. We believe that while teaching happiness to people, we will pacify the planet.

André Gaumond - Films director

Michel Bolduc - Director of photography

Jean Deraps - Cameraman

Stéphane Picotte - Graphic Designer, 3D animation



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